1. This step will assist you in setting up your first server and getting moving online. This requires a Credit Card and there will be a negligible charge of less than a $1. Go to http://aws.amazon.com/ and click the Sign Up button. Fill out the required information. Put in Credit Card (no charge will be filed). On support, select Basic-Free. This will take you back to the home page where you should click Launch Management Console located right of center on the screen. One of the options is EC2. Click this option.
  2. You should be at this screen. I have Highlighted the important features of this page. Click the Instances tab.
  3. Hit the Launch Instance Button. Select the first option Amazon Linux because the commands farther along this guide will not work in Ubuntu. After this, DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING just click Next until you arrive at Security Groups which is the page below. Name the group as desired. This is what will allow you to access your server moving forward. Click Review and launch, ignore any warnings and hit launch. In the next step you need to create a new key pair. I would suggest giving it a name that you will be able to remember. Be sure to remember to DOWNLOAD KEY PAIR preferably to your desktop. Then you can click the view instances button to return to the instances page. I would suggest you name the instance
  4. The final step for today is to assign an IP address to your server to allow access to it through the web. On the sidebar on EC2 click on Elastic IP under Network & Security. On the Elastic IP page hit Allocate New Address. Then select the IP it will generate and click associate address in the top of the page. Then, if you click on it, the Instance row should populate with the server you launched. That is all for this project. You now have an active server that you can use for anything from website hosting to file storage. Please note that these servers are free for only the first year. Then the price will scale between 1-$15 a month based on use. But also be aware that each server can host a large number of websites depending on number of visitors and file sizes.

The Next project will be on connecting to your server.

This is a combination of experience and  a practical adaptation of the guide at http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/ec2-launch-instance_linux.html. For more information please consult that guide.f you are ready to move on, continue to

Project 2: Preparing Server With LAMP Software

A simple fact of the internet: “It costs almost nothing to host web content.” In fact, if you want to host a free website using WordPress or  Dreamweaver it is now 100% possible. This Website focuses on showing you how to use Amazon Web Services. AWSTechTips is a group of small business owners who wanted to take their website management into their own hands. None of us are tech experts, but instead we are just regular business owners.

When we first began this journey, the first step, and the first leap of faith, was to get rid of web designers who charge $600 a year per website. The next step was to try companies like GoDaddy or Wix, but we found that they too charged extravagant prices up to $150 per year and we still had to do all our own design work on their clumsy platforms. For many business owners, this is an acceptable price, yet for us, this was still too high a cost as the service effectively costs the provider little or nothing. Using Amazon Web Services we cut our costs to practically nothing. This was effective especially in our businesses that have multiple domains or simply do not wish to pay these fees.

So we researched and found there are workarounds to using hosting sites or home servers.Before we could move forward, we had to ask ourselves, “What is a Website made of?” We knew it involved content, transfer of information, and a means to power that transfer. Like many before us, we set on the journey to host our own content on private serves. However, we ran across the same issues as many others and found that running a server from your house is not safe from potential hackers or efficient for your customers. This is where we found Amazon Web Services.

The transition from web design studios to hosting content on private servers is a long and seemingly insurmountable task. However, most of these guides require nothing more than cut and paste and simple instructions. If you work through them in order, you will be able to recreate the steps from never having used Linux all the way through creating complete and FREE WordPress blogs, HTML5 Transitional pages, and even up to hosting web programs on your server.

This guide is not written from the perspective of programmers, technicians, or experts, this was written by dogmatic workers who wanted to build websites effectively. While there is lots of techno-jargon, be sure that we also only have a medium understanding of what it means and we have over 2 dozen websites that have been operating nearly free.nFollow our footsteps and see how our businesses have quadrupled our online presence while cutting our costs into virtually nothing. See how to host free websites using Amazon Web Services. Project 1:Setting up your first server.

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